What Are the Best Features for Web Design Navigation?

What Are the Best Features for Web Design Navigation?

The way your website looks and functions matters so much to your customers.

The way your website looks and functions matters so much to your customers. In reality, a website only has three to eight seconds to fully catch a customer’s attention before they leave the webpage. This means that there is very little room for error, and if a potential customer can’t find what it is they’re looking for, they are going to try to find it somewhere else. That means your web design’s navigation has to be top-notch. But even customized websites doesn’t always follow the best practices for website navigation. Here are a couple of handy tips that will ensure you get the very most out of your web design services!

Rethink Your Drop-Down Menus

Drop-down menus, which display when a menu item is moused over or clicked on, have been around for some time and are still very popular. In fact, most web design companies use them frequently. But unless these menus are essential, you might want to consider leaving them out. Not only are drop-down menus a bit more challenging for Google to crawl, but some consumers don’t prefer them either. Discuss with your web design company for the best course of action for your web design layout.

Add a Search Bar

Anybody who provides a professional web design service will tell you that having a search feature is essential. Search bars should typically be featured in the header of your website and should display on each page. That way, your website visitors can search through your website quickly to find what they need. Although your web design should make it easy for them to navigate to the correct page without the placement of a search bar, it is best to provide one to reduce the number of clicks needed.

Avoid Being Generic with Your Web Design

There is a time and place to personalize your website, and your menu descriptions provide the perfect chance for that. Labeling a menu item as “services,” “products,” “about us” are your generic labels that many businesses have. They aren’t bad by any means at all, but you can be a bit more creative. Try to make them more descriptive and take the opportunity to optimize your website with keywords. This way, you will actually address what it is customers are searching for and set yourself up for a website that will rank better for SEO in Google search results.

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