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We at Adventure Web Interactive are pleased to welcome the newest member to our community: Zion Health!

We at Adventure Web Interactive are pleased to welcome the newest member to our community: Zion Health! They teach a dynamic healthcare curriculum to provide both medical professionals and laypeople with the required training to provide safe, effective, and holistic care in assisted living, daycares, hospital settings, and at home. In their training, they emphasize empathy, compassion, and respect as the foundation for caregivers.

Why Get Certified with Zion Health?

At Zion Health, they offer dynamic classroom training taught by certified instructors and online courses where students can conveniently learn at their own pace. So, check out our accessible, affordable, high-quality healthcare training below:

Online Training

  • 20-Hour Continuing Ed
  • Annual Recertification
  • Books
  • Classroom Training
  • Group Courses
  • Other Staff Training

Some of these online trainings include basic communication skills, fire safety, emergency disaster preparedness, elderly care, and more.

Classroom Training

  • 80-Hour Assisted Living Manager Training
  • Alternate Assisted Living Manager
  • Certified Medication Technician
  • Certified Medication Technician Renewal
  • CPR Only (American Heart) BLS
  • CPR with AEG & First Aid (ASHI)
  • CPR with AED BLS & First Aid
  • CPR with AED Only
  • First Aid
  • Other Staff Training

Advance Your Healthcare Career Today

To register as a single student, visit our registration page. Or visit here for a group registration. If you ever express interest in what Zion Health offers, click here. Their team of professionals is glad to speak with you! For remote learners, they also offer online health training.

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