Website Launch: Wockenfuss Candies

Website Launch: Wockenfuss CandiesWe at Adventure Web Interactive are excited to welcome our newest member to the ADVP family: Wockenfuss Candies! They are proud to be among the longest-lasting candy makers in the Baltimore area, dating all the way back to the year of 1915. No matter the time, place, or occasion, Wockenfuss will have the right delicacy to sweeten up everybody’s day!

About Their Products

Wockenfuss offers all sorts of delicious treats. You can get many types of chocolates and candies from them, and there are also seasonal treats as well as gift options for anyone buying sweets for a loved one. They have sweet treats that cater to a wide range of customers.

What Locations Does Wockenfuss Serve?

There are many locations that Wockenfuss serves. Here is a list of locations where you can get services from Wockenfuss Candies:

  • West Ocean City
  • Bel Air
  • Towson Town Center
  • North Plaza Shopping Center
  • Baltimore City
  • The Mall in Columbia
  • Boardwalk & 1st Street

How to Contact Wockenfuss Candies

If you would like to learn more about Wockenfuss’s products and services, you can contact them by sending a message here, or calling them at 1-800-296-4414.

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