Website Launch: Wagonheim Law

Website Launch: Wagonheim Law

The team at Adventure Web is proud to announce that we have a new member in the fold: Wagonheim Law.

The team at Adventure Web is proud to announce that we have a new member in the fold: Wagonheim Law. This firm prides itself on being “more than counsel”; in fact, they are dedicated to helping all of their clients navigate their present while planning for and building their future. Other priorities include accounting for prevailing law, real-world business, client goals, and VIPs as well. Let’s find out more about them

Legal Solutions 

The lawyers at Wagonheim are excited to serve their clientele however they can. One of the most important aspects of their service includes a comprehensive set of legal solutions.  The entire staff at Wagonheim consider themselves business people but with legal experience. They want to be your trusted legal advisors for whatever issues you may need to resolve. First, give them a call at 410-584-1110. Then, tell them what’s on your mind; all consultations are free! After that, Wagonheim’s employees will assess your circumstances and then give you feedback right there on the spot!

Legal Services

No two legal situations are the same, no matter what has happened. Thus, Wagonheim Law is ready and willing to render you legal advice and aid through a variety of top-tier services. Whether you need general counsel, legal procedures for your business or corporation, or for your construction firm, Wagonheim can help! Let’s look at some of the other services Wagonheim has on offer as well: 

  • Litigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real estate 
  • Educational resources and training


Do you need to contact them more urgently? Visit their contact us page! 


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