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We at Adventure Web Interactive are pleased to announce that UnBoard It is joining our growing family!

We at Adventure Web Interactive are pleased to announce that UnBoard It is joining our growing family! UnBoard It is a free online platform that makes it simple to search for available properties. Whether you are an owner seeking to sell a vacant property or a buyer anxious for a new opportunity, Unboard It is for you!

Smooth Purchase or Sale

What makes Unboard It unique from other real estate search sites? Unboard It enables buyers to negotiate directly with sellers of distressed properties. It is also the new way that brings new life into these forgotten homes. Although the sellers may list properties in any condition through Unboard It, this website focuses on vacant or distressed properties. Even better, they do not charge any fees to sellers or buyers using the site or creating an account.

In addition, you can save listings to view later. All you need to do is set up an account, and then click the heart symbol next to the listing you want to view later. For sellers, you may delete your listing from your account homepage. Otherwise, your listing will expire after 90 days. Unboard It will notify sellers a month prior to the expiration date. For buyers, contact the seller directly with any questions or to submit an offer when you find a property that interests you!

Help Center Tips

Here are some tips from the website’s help center for both buyers and sellers:


To make an offer, simply click on your property of interest, then click “Contact Seller” to demonstrate their preferred method(s) of contact.


If you don’t have images for your listing, our website will upload a Google Street view image of your property based on the address. Plus, you can improve your chances of selling your listing by providing additional details under “Optional Information” for potential buyers.

Get your property sold without agents or fees and fill out this online form to receive a response from Unboard It!

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