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Adventure Web Interactive is happy to announce a new addition to our team: The Lab People, Inc.

Adventure Web Interactive is happy to announce a new addition to our team: The Lab People, Inc. However, you may be very familiar with the services that this company provides. After all, The Lab People have been in existence since 1956, providing high-quality products and services to many laboratories nationwide! For over 60 years, The Lab People has provided laboratory equipment, consumables, and calibration services to pharmaceutical organizations, hospitals, medical facilities, government facilities, universities, quality testing, and many other industries and organizations. Here is a little more detail about what this industry-leading company offers. 


  • Pipettes & Liquid Handling Calibration
  • Balance & Scale Calibrations (Lab People, Inc. represents over 36 manufacturers!!!) 
  • Test Weight Calibrations
  • Repairs, Rentals, IQOQ Validations & More

The Lab People also offers what they call “Lunch & Learn.” This learning session helps you learn the best practices for laboratory equipment. They also commit to helping Food & Beverage manufacturers control and minimize how much product they’re giving away. White Pages is also another service that can benefit you. If you want to learn all about pipetting ergonomics and how not to contaminate pipetting, there are resources that you can download. 


  • Weighing and Laboratory Equipment 
  • An ergonomic and broad range of mechanical and electronic pipettes, dispensers, and tips 
  • PH Meters
  • Lab Water Filtration Systems
  • Refrigerated and Non-refrigerated Centrifuges 
  • Force Measurement Testing
  • Tank & Hopper
  • Metal Detection
  • Formula Control
  • And So Much More!

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