Website Launch: Pinfall Recruiting

Pinfall Recruiting Adventure Web Interactive Launch BlogAdventure Web Interactive would like to extend a warm welcome to a company that knows all about wrestling. Pinfall Recruiting is now a part of our unique family of continuously growing clients. When you see the word “recruiting”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Job recruitment? Army recruits? College recruitment?  Well, Robert Thomas, the founder of Pinfall Recruiting, is changing the way that people think about “recruitment”. He helps wrestlers, both male, and female,  find colleges that best suit their needs, and also strives to help them grow in their career in the world of wrestling. Read on to learn more about Pinfall.

Life-Changing Guidance at An Affordable Price

Pinfall offers several membership packages that give highschool wrestlers access to guides, college databases, camps and recruiting events, and any new resources to help guide their wrestling career as they become available. Some memberships cost less than what you spend monthly on Caramel Macchiatos. 

The Right Resources and Tools for Coaches 

College coaches aren’t to be forgotten. They too, need the right tools and resources to find the best wrestlers for their programs. It works twofold. Robert Thomas has been a part of every portion of the puzzle that is “recruitment”. In his career, he has coached at both the high school and college level and has been that high school wrestler striving and sacrificing to make a name for himself. Regardless of background, he believes that every wrestler that puts in work deserves a chance. To learn more about all that Pinfall has to offer, check out their website.

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