Website Launch: Meade Rifle and Pistol Club

Website Launch: Meade Rifle and Pistol Club

We are delighted to announce our latest website launch: the Meade Rifle and Pistol Club. Here’s a little about what they do!

Here at Adventure Web Interactive, we are delighted to announce our latest website launch: the Meade Rifle and Pistol Club or MRPC. We are always looking to expand our clientele to include organizations from a diverse range of industries, and are honored to add MRPC to the list. Throughout its 48 years, the Meade Rifle and Pistol Club has provided opportunities for recreational shooting for Department of Defense employees and their family members. Please read on for further information about the Club.

Membership Details

The Meade Rifle and Pistol Club exists primarily for the use of civilian and military members of the Department of Defense. But don’t worry—this doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action without an affiliation. The Club’s membership is currently open to anyone so long as space is available.

A membership at the MRPC lasts for one year. Before you can shoot, you must first complete their Range Orientation and Range Safety Briefing. Once this is done, you can enjoy periodic access to their nine ranges. These vary in terms of distance, lanes, and firing positions. Click here to learn more!

But the MRPC has far more to offer you than shooting ranges.

Diverse Programs

Whatever your interest in firearms might be, the Meade Rifle and Pistol Club has the program for you. Here are five of the programs currently on offer:

  • Club Rifle. This is an unscripted activity including such practices as sighting in, the testing of ammunition, and shooting from various positions. It is perfect for novice shooters who want the opportunity to work with accomplished instructors.
  • Club Pistol. Another unscripted activity, Club Pistol is for those interested in testing ammunition and shooting at different targets from different distances. Like Club Rifle, it is also ideal for beginners.
  • Junior Program. For children under 18 years of age, firearm training and safety are especially important. The Junior Program instructs children on the highest standard of firearm safety under the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program’s guidelines.
  • Practical Rifle & Pistol. For this program, we work to simulate experience in the field. From distances as far as 600 yards, you can contend with such challenges as limited target exposure, night firing, and snap-shooting at close range.
  • Weapon Craft. Individuals with law enforcement, military, or government experience participate in this program. Participants explore the implementation of novel techniques involving handguns, shotguns, and carbines.

Finally, the Meade Rifle and Pistol Club offers a diverse range of training classes for those with an interest in firearms.

Are you interested in joining the Meade Rifle and Pistol Club? They’d love to have you. Click here for further membership information and here to join.

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