Website Launch: Howard Tech Advisors

Website Launch: Howard Tech Advisors

We are pleased to announce one of our latest website launches: Howard Tech Advisors.

Here at Adventure Web, there is nothing we look forward to more than launching a website for a new client. Today, we are pleased to announce one of our latest website launches: Howard Tech Advisors. Now that their website is live, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce this wonderful company, as well as the site we put together for them.

IT Managed Services

Most of all, Howard Tech Advisors pride themselves on their relationships they’ve forged with satisfied clients in the Baltimore, Annapolis, and Columbia regions of Maryland. What they provide their clients with is IT Managed Services. We’re all familiar with IT professionals, and we know that no business can function without them. What Howard Tech does is provide IT services to their clients, many of whom are smaller businesses without internal IT departments.

How Do They Do It?

One of the secrets to Howard Tech Advisors’ success is their proximity to their clients. The vast majority of their clients are within a thirty-minute drive from their office in Elkridge. The majority of technical issues faced by their clients can be solved remotely, but this geographical proximity is ideal in case they require on-site attention. Their clients feel as though the folks at Howard Tech Advisors are part of their own team, and being so physically close to them certainly contributes to that!

They provide their Managed Services at a flat fee for unlimited support. Not only do they provide day-to-day support for anything technical, but they are also masters at taking proactive measures to prevent issues from arising further on down the line. Their Project team handles one-time solutions, such as upgrading infrastructure, moving to new offices, and cloud migrations. These solutions, too, are flat fees.


Howard Tech Advisors do not view themselves as an IT company. They refer to themselves as a relationship company, that also engages in IT services. The Howard Tech team actively engages in the local community. Check out their recent blog about their participation in a donation drive as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The team members at Howard Tech Advisors have deep roots across Baltimore and Howard County, and they value nothing more than giving back to the communities that gave so much to them.

We’re proud of our relationship with Howard Tech Advisors, and we look forward to what our collaboration will bring to both of us.

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