Web Design Tips: What Makes for the Perfect Website?

The internet is already full of websites—sites for big companies and small ones, sites with all the bells and whistles imaginable and sites that are completely bare bones—so what will make your website stand out in the crowd? A well-designed web site is harder to come across than you might think, and oftentimes, these poorly laid-out sites fail to attract and retain many viewers. So how do professional web design companies like Adventure Web create the perfect website that will keep people coming back? Here are a few of the top tips behind good web design.

 Keep things polished

One of the major problems with poorly-designed sites is clutter: too much text crammed into small spaces, too many images to view at once, too many links to outside webpages. When a professional web design company takes on your business’s project, their goal will be to create a streamlined site that shows visitors exactly what they need to see, and no more than that. Visitors appreciate the balance and visual appeal of a well-designed site and will be encouraged to keep exploring when they are able to easily access pages and information that they are looking for.

 Go with your gut

Intuitive navigation is an absolute essential for your website. Visitors don’t want to have to struggle to find your contact information or the pages they’re looking for; they should be obvious and accessible. This means that links to additional pages are most often located at the top of the page near the main header- this is where visitors will naturally look first.

 Every word counts

Or more accurately, in this case, the font in which every word is typed counts. You want fonts to be user-friendly; that means keeping things clean and legible. Swirly script fonts or novelty cartoon ones might seem like they give your site personality, but in reality, all they’ll do is give your visitors a headache. The font on your webpage should also adapt well to different devices, so make sure it is just as easy to read on your computer screen as it is on your smart phone or tablet.

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