Twitter Eases Character Limit

character limit

Twitter has expanded the character limit for tweets! What does this mean for your company’s marketing strategy?

Yesterday, Twitter rolled out some updates to the social media outlet which should afford greater opportunities for marketing. The changes to the service were made so that users can say more in tweets without using up the standard 140 character limit. This should have a direct impact on businesses looking to market their products and services (or countries) on Twitter. Today we’ll be taking a look at those changes.

140 Characters, and More

Perhaps the biggest noticeable change is the new flexibility of the 140 character tweet. Now, media attachments will no longer count towards the character limit. This means companies can now attach photos, GIFs, polls, and videos to their tweets without using up valuable characters. In addition, quoted tweets are also allowed to be used without using characters.  These changes allow companies full opportunity to use the body of their tweets towards getting click-throughs to their websites. “@” mentions also do not count any more towards character limits, allowing group discussions to be conducted on Twitter more efficiently without having to worry about character limits.


Users have also gained the ability to retweet their own past tweets. The popularity of “throwback Thursday” posts on other social networks makes one of the uses of this new feature obvious! Also, Twitter has allowed users to quote their own tweets without it counting against their initial 140 character limit. Companies can use this feature to point back to a particular marketing message that worked in the past, or comment or update upon it.

What Does It All Mean?

Twitter is making subtle changes to its service to improve the user experience. Companies should be able to use these new features to their advantage to craft more effective marketing messages and social media campaigns. We shall see in the coming weeks how the new features affect the overall Twitter experience and which companies are able to figure it out quickly.

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