Tips for Small Businesses to Increase Social Media Followers

Tips for Small Businesses to Increase Social Media Followers

How can your small business get more followers on social media? Follow these tips.

In the modern world, there are few better tools for small businesses to gain exposure than social media. But your social media pages are, in most cases, not effective without followers. Without them, few people will come across your content. You’ll get fewer clicks and enjoy less profit. But if your small business is just starting out on a social media platform, it can be challenging to gain a foothold. For this reason, we’ve laid out a few tips to help you gain more social media followers.

Know Your Target Audience

Anyone with experience in marketing has developed fictional ‘buyer personas’ before. When it comes to your social media pages, don’t put these by the wayside.

Think about who you’re marketing to. Is there a particular age range, gender, or education level? How about geographical location?

Depending on these demographic factors, not only should your content change. The social media platforms you use should change, too. Many sites have a substantially different usership base (check out our blog on this subject here).

If you’re marketing toward, say, male baby boomers, then Instagram probably isn’t your best bet. Try Facebook instead.

Put Follow Buttons Everywhere You Can

You might have a difficult time getting followers because you aren’t using the right platform. But there are still definite actions you can take to help you get more attention.

One of these is using follow buttons wherever possible. We’re sure that you already have a familiarity with them. They are truly an exceptional way to get more followers.

The trick is to paste them wherever you can. Include them at the bottom of all your blog posts and throughout your website. Append them to your emails. Depending on the platform you use, you may even be able to link to your other social media pages.

Look At Your Stats

The big question every time you post to social media is whether your content will succeed at getting attention or not. The more successful your posts are, the more followers you will get over time. This is especially true when your followers share your content.

Thankfully, most social media platforms make it exceptionally easy to see which posts perform the most highly. Even without an outright statistic function, you can easily monitor which posts receive the most likes, comments, and shares.

All of the big four social media platforms provide some sort of in-house analytics or ‘insights’ feature that you can use to view in-depth information about what content is most successful.

If you notice one post doing especially well, try to emulate it in the future. What about this content helped it to succeed? Then watch as you gain followers.

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