The Big Four: Demographics You Need to Know

Social media stands as one of the most effective ways for businesses to boost exposure, sales, and revenue. For this reason, most business owners are familiar with the ‘big four’ social media platforms from a marketing standpoint: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But all of these platforms vary significantly in terms of their demographics.

The Big Four: Demographics You Need to Know

Each of the ‘big four’ social media platforms appeals to a different demographic. Today, we’ll draw on statistics to depict the typical user of each platform.

Today, we’ll draw on statistics to depict the typical user of each member of the big four. We hope that you will keep these demographics in mind, and tweak your marketing strategies accordingly.


From a marketing perspective, the possibilities with Facebook are endless. It’s great for providing updates on your business, linking your blogs, creating polls, and sharing videos. Facebook has been a titan of the social media world for more than fifteen years. In that time, its demographics have shifted quite a bit.

Here’s what you need to know about the demographics of the average Facebook user:

  • Gender. The typical Facebook user is female, and by a pretty significant margin. As many as 75% of active participants identify as female.
  • Age. The majority of Facebook users are aged 18-49. We know—this is a wide age range. Keep in mind that the platform appeals to users of all ages, and even enjoys significant popularity among those aged 50 and above.
  • Nationality. Facebook is not most popular in its country of origin. It has far more users in India than in the United States.


Twitter has been on the social media scene for nearly as long as Facebook. The platform is perfect for sharing company updates and creating polls. It is overwhelmingly text-centric, and a great place to share recent blog posts.

  • Gender. Most Twitter users identify as male, but the disparity among genders is not too significant.
  • Age. Twitter skews younger than Facebook. It is most popular among those aged 13-29.
  • Nationality. Twitter is, not surprisingly, most popular in the United States. It also enjoys immense popularity in Japan, which takes second place in terms of the percentage of Twitter users.


If your company is B2B, you’re probably already a regular user of LinkedIn. Although the majority of its users are not nearly so active as they are with the other members of the big four, there’s no overstating just how useful LinkedIn can be. It has been estimated that as much as half of traffic to B2B websites originates on the platform.

  • Gender. Roughly speaking, the gender make-up on LinkedIn reflects that of the workforce in the United States. It remains marginally more popular among men.
  • Age. The platform enjoys the most popularity among true ‘young professionals’—those aged 25-30.
  • Nationality. By far, LinkedIn is most popular among people in the United States, followed by India. The overwhelming majority of its users are college-educated or above, and are city-dwellers or suburbanites.


Instagram is not nearly so helpful to some businesses as it is to others. Some products or services simply don’t lend themselves to visual demonstrations. But if your business can market itself visually, there’s no better platform to do so on than Instagram.

  • Gender. This platform is most popular among people who identify as female.
  • Age. Instagram has historically been the most popular social media platform among teenagers, although this title may have been usurped by the rise of TikTok. Your typical Instagram user is aged 13-29.
  • Nationality. Instagram enjoys tremendous popularity overseas. Although its largest audience is in the United States, a significant chunk of its users resides in India, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and even Indonesia.

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