The Importance of Word Choice in Social Media Marketing

As a business promoting yourself through social media, it can be challenging to connect with your audience. For people online, it’s more valuable for them to know your human side, and a big part of that comes down to the way you word your posts. Here are some types of language to be careful of in social media marketing.



Nobody likes the feeling that they fell for clickbait, and exaggeration is at its core. If you try to draw people to reading your blogs or visiting your website through inflated claims, then you are setting your audience up to be underwhelmed. Not only that, but you risk losing credibility as a business. To avoid exaggerating, make sure that the way you describe your content is realistic. Avoid extreme words like “best,” “worst,” “top,” and “only.” After all, nobody believes “the only gardening guide you’ll ever need” or “Three Morning Routine Exercises to Fix Your Life.”


Although the language on social media is very casual, you want to avoid overdoing it with slang. There’s nothing wrong with having fun or piggybacking off of a popular meme at the time, especially if you can relate it back to your business. But if you try too hard to make your target audience see how “woke” you are, then it will come off as forced. The last thing you want to do is sound like an awkward parent trying to be hip to fit in with the youngsters.

Corporate Lingo

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can easily alienate social media users if you use lingo and jargon that is usually reserved for businesspeople. If you start using corporate cliches like “run the numbers,” “synergy,” and “best practice,” then you will lose your audience. Remember that most people don’t like feeling sold to. If they’re following your business on social media, then they probably already know your business side, and now they are looking for a more personal side.

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