3 Ways to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media 

The way you represent your business on social media is a big part of successful social media marketing. And many companies try to think of ways that they can connect with their audiences. One of these ways is showing the human side of your business. When you try this out for your own social media marketing, there are a few different directions that you can take. Here are three methods that you can choose to humanize your brand.

Fun and Casual Approach

The nature of social media is a very casual atmosphere. Anybody can set up a free account on any of numerous social media platforms and they can start connecting with the world. So some businesses have embraced this by ditching the formal language and going taking a carefree and even humorous tone to their posts. Twitter especially is a great place to have fun, because you can tag and retweet other popular posts with your own punchline. The humorous approach is not for everybody, but if you think that your business can appeal to the younger crowd then it is worth a shot.

Social Activism

In a world of polarizing opinions and hot-button topics, more and more people are expecting to see where a business stands on important social and political issues. For your business you can take the opportunity to demonstrate which causes you embrace, such as helping the environment or fighting modern-day slavery. Keep in mind that you will need to prepare for controversy if you go the route of taking a particular political stance, but some businesses actually profit from the publicity even if it seems many people on social media are talking about them to disagree with their viewpoints. A safer idea is to take a philanthropic approach, by supporting a charity and posting about how your customer’s purchases help to fund this support. 

Show Your Face

    Often the best way to show your human side is to do so literally. On social media it’s easy to forget that there are people behind all those usernames, especially if you are looking at a corporate account from the outside. You can take the chance to feature an employee on your social accounts every once in a while, and give them a fun shout out by showing their portraits. Putting faces to your business is the quickest way to show your audience that you have a human side.

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