The Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you have been using one or more social media platforms for your business, then you already know about using social media to reach younger audiences and to keep ahead of your competition. But there are many nuances that come with having a social media presence that, once you think about them, you can use these opportunities to your advantage.

Consumer Interaction

Social media puts your business right in the mix with consumers like no other form of marketing. You have the opportunity to connect with your audience through an ongoing conversation about your products and services. When most people think of using social media marketing to interact with customers online, they might think of responding to comments and complaints. But it can go so much deeper. Most importantly, you want to develop your own branded hashtag and encourage consumers to use it so that you can stay updated on what people are saying about your brand. If you get tagged in a post from a person really liking your business, then you can ask their permission to use their glowing review as marketing in other areas like on your website or even physically displayed in your store.

Brand Personality

The conversation about social media marketing almost always includes something about how you can use social media to make your brand more personal and human. But what does that really mean? It’s actually surprisingly simple and just requires a little creativity and openness. Once you think about what makes you as a brand relatable, then you can share that personality on social media. Maybe you are laid back and like to have fun tagging other trending topics, or maybe you want to spotlight a cause that your company supports. The world of social media is very casual and all-encompassing, so it’s better not to sound rigid and professional.


Trends change so much faster, specifically because of social media. So having a finger on the proverbial pulse of the internet can help your company to keep up with pop culture. If businesses that lack a social media presence run the risk of getting left behind, then the trick is to figure out how to stay on top of the ever-changing tide. Fortunately, there are many useful tools, like analytics, that can give you real-time information about the consumer traffic on your business’s website and social media channels, as well as SEO to make you show up at the top of people’s searches. You can also use social media tracking tools to find out which are the most used keywords and hashtags related to your business. Imagine saving thousands on market research and focus groups for developing a new product by simply seeing what people are requesting on Twitter. That kind of mobility is powerful.

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