Three Ways SEO Can Inform Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization, abbreviated SEO, has a lot in common with social media marketing.

Search engine optimization, abbreviated SEO, has a lot in common with social media marketing. You can use both to access your business’s marketing data as a tool to better reach your current and future customers. But many people may not know how to equip the valuable information SEO provides to expand their social media impact. Below are a few ways to do just that.


There are many excellent keyword research tools, such as Serpstat and TextOptimizer, that will help you create effective social media content that will bring more traffic to your website. Because keywords are essential user-generated by popularly-searched questions, you can use keyword research tools to improve the SEO on all of your social media posts.


Analytics tools are a powerful asset for search engine optimization by researching user interaction with your site. Something like Google analytics can provide useful information like which landing pages on your website get the most traffic, and what call-to-action seems to be the most effective.


An incredibly effective way to use SEO to inform your marketing is through personalizing your posts to your users. With a tool like Convert, you can personalize your social media marketing based on the location of your customers. Adding questions to your social media updates is also a great way to personalize your marketing. Questions encourage user engagement and can help you collect data that will help you better serve your customers.

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