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Facebook gets more secure

Facebook recently announced it’s changing access to the site to an HTTP Secure (https) connection. The change will increase the security for those access the site. As you’ve probably guessed, you can identify a secure connection when a site’s URL begins with “https:” instead of “http:.” For more on this story, read this article.

Measuring your blog’s success

There is a lot of great blogging hints in this article, but we’d like to focus on the first one. It’s important to measure your blog’s marketing success, because as the only saying goes, if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. An important first step is making sure you know your blog’s purpose. The article mentions three different types of blogs, and each has a different measure of success.

What’s up with Delicious?

Two weeks ago, the news broke that one the most popular social media marketing (SMM) tools – Delicious – was on the chopping block. Last week, Delicious’s owner, Yahoo, announced it was looking to sell, not shut down, Delicious. And you may be asking why you should care.

Another view of IE9’s ad blocking

Microsoft made some headlines recently with the news that it’s latest browser – Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) – will allow users to prevent some sites they designate from tracking their online behavior. Obviously, this move is a boon for consumers and a set back for advertisers. As this article points out, there’s a longer history to this IE9 feature.

Adventure Web educates youth

Adventure Web’s own Gina Ramsey spoke this week to approximately 250 sixth and seventh graders at Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. Gina was invited to speak at the charter school on the topic of safety and security on the Internet.

Facebook in all the right places

Facebook is getting in on the location-based social networking act, with Facebook Places. If you have Facebook on your mobile device, you may have notice this new feature the last time your app updated. Facebook Places lets you let your network know where you are when you check in. Facebook’s blog post outlines the main features of Places.

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