How The In Line Like Button Can Increase Facebook Business Page Likes

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This Thursday March 7th, 2013 Facebook has exciting new features coming to its News Feed and best of all there’s a new button debuting that will help grow your Facebook Business page likes. This button is called the In-Line Like Button.

This article will explain what the in-line like button is all about and point out the benefits your business could reap from this new Facebook feature.

What is the Facebook in-line like button?

It’s a button designed for content pushing that sits within an update shared by Facebook users or ‘Friends’.

This will allow website links, photos, and video links to not only be seen on Facebook users’ News Feeds but also rediscovered on the timeline of the original submitter.

Why is this action so great for your Facebook Business page?

Any linked content that’s liked can bring Facebook friends directly to valued content and promote them to continue to share the valued content through the in line button.

In other words, every time a Facebook user likes your Facebook Page or Facebook content, there’s a great chance your Facebook Business page will gain more page likes and more customers because the in-line like button is designed as a shortcut to liking your business page.

The in-line button is designed to help users seamlessly friend, follow and like quality content straight from the News feed.

No longer will users simply see status updates from friends and brands they are following. Facebook Users will start to see activities from friends and brands your immediate friends are following. In the end, you will have better engagement between your brand and consumers.

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