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How effective is your e-mail marketing campaign?

We think it’s safe to say that in 2010, very few businesses don’t include e-mail marketing into their overall marketing campaign. It is overtly clear and has been statistically proven that e-mail is a solid modern medium, with the ability to reach a mass market in the most cost-efficient manner possible; nearly for free. But much like sales and business in general, marketing is highly dependent upon the art of building lasting relationships with customers, with even more emphasis on this in e-mail marketing.

Check out our newest website, Vote Tom Quirk for County Council!

Tom Quirk considers himself the leadership we need! With two young children attending public school and participating in rec programming in the county, Tom shares the priorities and concerns of local families. He believes in the quality of life issues that make southwest Baltimore County a great place to raise a family.

Welcome aboard Epidemiology International!

Are you interested in the research or consulting solutions of epidemiology? Well then you’ll want to check out our newest website Epidemiology International! EI is a small, woman-owned contract research and consulting firm specializing in the design, conduct, and analysis of epidemiologic research.

The importance of search engine optimization is proven!

Search engine optimization has certainly become a new phenomenon in the last few years when referring to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., but the real question is; how important is it?

iProspect previously partnered with JupiterResearch in December of 2007 and January of 2008 to create a research study on exactly how search engine users utilize search engines and what companies should be considering when establishing their websites based on SEO.

Is your child struggling in school? Let Rapid Success help!

Please welcome our newest website addition to the Adventure Web family, Rapid Success Tutoring! Seven years ago Stephanie Turnbach, Rapid Success Tutoring LLC founder, was struck with the idea of an in-home tutoring service that would meet the individual needs of each student and help make parents lives a little easier in the surrounding Baltimore area.

Social Media Integration in 2010…The New Marketing Key.

Social media is not necessarily a known term of the past, but undoubtedly a driving force of the future. Companies are quickly learning that if they intend on reaching their internet-savvy audience in as many ways as possible, integrating a social media marketing campaign into their existing communication strategy isn’t just necessary, it’s imperative.