The importance of search engine optimization is proven!

Search engine optimization has certainly become a new phenomenon in the last few years when referring to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., but the real question is; how important is it?

Search Engine Optimization

iProspect previously partnered with JupiterResearch in December of 2007 and January of 2008 to create a research study on exactly how search engine users utilize search engines and what companies should be considering when establishing their websites based on SEO. “The objective of the survey was to uncover data that would enable search marketers to better understand how search engine users behave when they conduct different types of searches and are presented with different types of search results within the three largest search engines (in terms of market share): Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.,” according to the study’s report (iProspect Blended Search Results Study, 2008).  This study has taken an in depth look at exactly how users are performing searches on these specific engines, what they are willing to sift through and what they are flat out ignoring. For the benefit of your company’s website traffic, this is some good stuff.

Search engine optimization is one of the best online marketing tools established thus far sprawling from the Internet. Studies confirm time and time again that people don’t want to sift through multiple pages of sites before they make their first click. This is the world of instant gratification we live in, with online users treating search engines no differently. They don’t want an excessive amount of choices to confuse them and drain their time, yet they want to know the search engine they are currently using has already placed the best choices for them easily accessible within the first few sites. They want to decide quickly and be satisfied, hence the vital importance of securing search engine optimization for your company’s site.

iProspect and JupiterResearch found these helpful facts from their recent SEO study done on 2,404 randomly selected participants from the NPD U.S. online consumer panel:

– 68% of search engine users do not look at the search results beyond the 1st page.

– The first page of search results captures 89+% of traffic for any given search term; the #1 listing within any search captures approximately 42% of the traffic.

– The top 30 search results (pages 1-3) get over 90% of search traffic and the top 10 results receive nearly 80% more traffic than those in positions 11-30 achieve.

– When a company’s website appears at the top of the search results its brand equity is enhanced. 36% of search engine users believe that companies appearing at the top of search results are industry leaders. A high ranking in a search engine can help reach branding goals.

– Traffic driven by a search engine is, in effect, “free traffic” compared to paid search campaigns such as Google Pay-Per-Click.

– The higher your site appears in any given Google search, the number of visitors to your website significantly increases.

– Without SEO, a client is quite possibly throwing away up to 85% of their potential customers and visitors and a full 80% of their potential customers will find their way to a rival business instead.

With the previously stated facts simply being a few of the many found by iProspect and JupiterResearch during this study, it is clear to see that “now, more than ever, it is vital for a website to be found within the top few search results, or the first page of search results, or at least within the first three pages of search results. Whether this is accomplished through optimization of Web pages, or through paid search ads, the need is unmistakable,” according to the study (iProspect Blended Search Results Study, 2008).


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