Is your child struggling in school? Let Rapid Success help!

Baltimore Tutors & Tutoring Programs - Baltimore County, MD_1268234789641Please welcome our newest website addition to the Adventure Web family, Rapid Success Tutoring! Seven years ago Stephanie Turnbach, Rapid Success Tutoring LLC founder, was struck with the idea of an in-home tutoring service that would meet the individual needs of each student and help make parents lives a little easier in the surrounding Baltimore area. Stephanie, being both a school teacher and a working mother of two girls, realized the need for an in-home tutoring service that would accommodate the busy schedules of students and parents, hence the establishment of Rapid Success Tutoring!

Since 2003, Rapid Success Tutoring has grown and now services beyond Baltimore City/County, including the surrounding areas of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties. Rapid Success assists with everything from test preparation, study skills and homework help to organizational skills, special needs assistance and home schooling assistance.

Stephanie uses her 15 + years of experience in education, tutoring, marketing and networking to carefully match students with tutors. Stephanie meets with each family to discuss the student’s strengths, weaknesses and their learning styles in order to develop an individualized plan to guide them on the road to success. For Stephanie, a good tutor and student match plus hard work equal confident students, good grades and of course “rapid success” on all ends!

So why would a family use Rapid Success tutoring? Well here are some key attributes to help you understand what makes Rapid Success such a “successful” business:

  • They are dedicated to the families they commit to.
  • They believe in 1-1 tutoring – this way tutoring is tailored to fit your child’s individual needs.
  • They have excellent and knowledgeable tutors.
  • They come to your home – a huge convenience and one less place to drive your child!
  • They work in conjunction with the school and the teachers.
  • The director is both a former teacher and tutor in public and private schools.
  • The director is a mom, too! She understands what it is like to place trust in a tutor.
  • The director uses RST tutors for her own children. She believes in what we do!
  • They work closely with your child’s school and teacher(s).
  • They carefully screen and successfully match RST tutors to students.

For more information on tutoring for your child, check out their fantastic new website at www.rapidsuccesstutoring.com!