StumbleUpon Steals Facebook 1# Spot in Referring Social Media Traffic

Are you looking for ways to increase your social media traffic? Then you will be happy to hear that StumbleUpon can help you get the job done! In fact, StumbleUpon can refer more social media traffic for you than Facebook!

StumbleUpon is a website created for users to find useful and entertaining websites around the world.  You simply press a like button on the sites you enjoy to spread the word on how great they are for you!

As of August 2011, StatCounter has declared StumbleUpon refers more than half of all social media traffic in the United States of America! Facebook is now second place, referring 38% of the U.S social media traffic. Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, MySpace and Digg refer fewer than 4% each.

StumbleUpon has a smaller user base, 12 million compared to Facebook’s 750 million but it does not change the power it has as a social media tool. It is expected that StumbleUpon’s recently released explore feature, will increase a higher referral rate in the next few months and make it much easier for users to stumble upon desired topics of interest.

To learn more on how to increase your social media trafficking, read this article from WebsiteMagazine.com.

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