Social Media Marketing: How To Improve Business Tweet Values with Hashtags

Social Media is a forever-changing world. It is important for your business to keep up with current social media trends to best reap the benefits of Social Media lead generation.

One social media feature you should keep an eye on is the value of tweets on Twitter.

Twitter will shortly attach value ratings to every Twitter users’ tweets.

How will tweets be valued?

Twitter will assign value based upon public metadata of tweeter statuses/ posts and then used by Twitter’s streaming API.

Twitter ratings will start to appear as early as March 1st, 2013. The initial rating will range from none to medium. Twitter plans to debut high value twitter options after the initial value system is tested.

It is predicted that medium and high value posts will identify the top tweets on twitters. Quality tweets can be discovered with word search and hashtags on Twitter.

When your Twitter stream produces high quality tweets (posts) this means better business engagement with consumers.

The goal of tweet values is to make quality content discover easier for Twitter users.

The following are ways to produce quality tweets and increase social media lead generations for your business:

  • Be Unique with your industry/community hashtags to make your business more recognizable in your industry such as your company’s name and topic of webinar or chat combined. Just think company and campaign specific when creating unique hashtags.
  • Make hashtags easy to remember. This will prevent loyal customers from accidentally spelling it wrong. We highly recommend using hashtags on multiple social media channels such as Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest to better organize content and pictures. The more exposure your hashtag has, the better.

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