How Social Content Calendars Can Change Your Marketing Methods


A social media content calendar can be a great addition to your marketing campaign.

You’re on the verge of a major marketing holiday and are scrambling to come up with something to post on your social accounts. In some instances such as this, it may result in missing the boat on the potential for great, engaging content. It could also lead to nothing being posted at all. This is why a content calendar can be an amazing idea. Using a social media content calendar is an advanced marketing technique for businesses who really want to get ahead.

The Benefits

A social media content calendar allows for easy collaboration. A team can come up with content to be posted on your social throughout the entire month, rather than trying to come up with something on the spot. Using living documents, like through Google Sheets, allows for multiple users to contribute, edit, and help figure out the direction of your social media marketing campaign. It also ends up saving you time and resources, as you can plan ahead at your own pace instead of stressing out when you need content.

Creating a Social Calendar

First you’ll want to consider your audience. Since you’re taking more time to curate your content and really come up with ideas for what direction you want to go in, you can spend more time finding sources and topics that actually relate directly to your ideal audience. You should also audit your existing content and see what has and hasn’t been performing well. You’ll want to craft your marketing campaign around what does and doesn’t work, and when you’re afforded the extra time to carefully think about these things by using a social media content calendar, it can be quite the task.

Thinking Ahead

When creating your content calendar, you’ll want to consider what days align with what content. This can mean creating something like “Motivation Monday” or “Tech Tuesday.” It can also mean posting certain content for any kind of holiday. You’ll also want to think about the future of your company, and this includes campaigns, product launches, or annual events. These are all important mainstays in an effective social media content calendar.

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