Should You Be Using Twitter Polls to Engage With Your Audience?

Twitter Polls

Twitter polls may seem like a fun tool to mess around with on the surface but they can actually be a powerful marketing tool.

Encouraging engagement on social media is always an uphill battle. Not only do you need to get people to read your content, but they actually have to take the step of writing a comment or sending a message. However, some methods are far easier for promoting engagement, and that includes using Twitter polls. Twitter polls are an easy way for your audience to voice an opinion and make them feel involved without putting too much of a barrier of participation up for them. Let’s take a look at how Twitter polls can be used and why they are so successful.

It’s Easy

Let’s face it: there’s a lot to pay attention to out there. Every bit of content is vying for our time and competing for our attention, and by extension, our money. That’s why making engagement is such an important thing for marketers. Things like call-to-action buttons, to save time for your audience and get them to message you immediately, are a fantastic way to do this. Twitter polls are effective for similar reasons; it’s very easy to vote in a Twitter poll because all it requires is one click to make a selection and one click to confirm. Easy.

Voicing an Opinion Without Fear of Judgement

People want to know their voice is being heard but there’s also the fear that someone will see your opinion and think otherwise about you. No one wants to risk being wrong or looking silly on social media. With a poll, not only are the options all usually balanced in a way that none of them are “wrong,” but it’s also anonymous and you can vote however you want to.

Learn More About Your Audience

Polls are all about gaining information from your audience. If you want to know what kind of products might work best, or variations of products, or deals that might work best, or when people shop, or any information about your demographics, letting them voluntarily offer that info up with Twitter polls is an easy way to do so. Just remember that Twitter polls contain a sampling bias and depending on your industry, it could skew your numbers in a certain way.

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