Searching for Google Instant answers

As we predicted a couple weeks ago, when we first posted about Google Instant, there’s a lot of discussion about its impact on search engine optimization (SEO).  For a quick review,  Google Instant is a new feature in which Google returns results as you type.  As this article points out, there’s still a lot to hash out when it comes to the influence of Google Instant on your SEO.

First, people are still finding out about and getting used to Google Instant.  Users have the option of turning off Google Instant, which some are choosing, so the full effect may not be felt for a while.  A knee-jerk reaction may not be appropriate in this case.

Second, the one impact that the SEO industry is seeing is a drop in traffic to sites using long tail keywords.  You can learn more about this on this page. Essentially companies that use long words or phrases to target specific, niche markets to improve traffic may see a drop in traffic because users are clicking on results before they’ve completed typing their search.

It may be premature to change your SEO strategy right now with everything in flux.  However, if you’re eager to make some changes, adding in some shorter keywords or phrases might be in order.  For more information on SEO and how we can help improve your ranking and traffic, contact us to learn about our website, social media, and SEO services.