How to Prevent Your Email Marketing From Looking Like Spam

Email MarketingEmail marketing campaigns are often an effective way of getting directly to your consumers, but there are always worries about whether or not those emails get opened. Most of us are familiar with how obnoxious spam is and so unless something feels important or legitimate, it’s easy for consumers to ignore it and send it to the trash. Thankfully, if you follow these basic tips, you can greatly increase your chances of keeping your email marketing efforts out of the spam folder.

Pay Attention to Language

If you don’t want to avoid looking like a spammer, don’t talk like one. This means avoiding multiple exclamation points or all caps, as those show you’re unprofessional and are often associated with spam. In addition, you want to take a look at spam trigger words like “bargain” or “hidden charges.” If you’re unsure of what other spam words might be, look at a few of the lists out there.

Targeted Emails

The spray and pray approach may feel like it will inherently reach more people but you want to avoid sending too many emails out and wasting your time. Instead, take a look at some analytics, pay attention to the data, and try to send your emails to someone who actually has an interest in what you’re doing.

Too Many Emails

Likewise, even if you’re sending emails to the right people, you want to make sure you’re not sending them too often. If you send too many emails that don’t contain relevant information or deals, people are much more likely to get annoyed with your email campaign and unsubscribe from your mailing list. Keep any emails short, sweet, and to the point with interesting facts and details.

Avoid Bought In Lists

While it’s certainly possible to buy lists of emails, this can damage your email deliverability. Sometimes there are planted email addresses within these lists that identify you as a spammer. Additionally, if an old email address is getting spammed, this is an indicator that you bought your info and can ultimately end up being a risk to your reputation.

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