New Website Launch: TeleRep Call Center

New Website Launch: TeleRep Call CenterAdventure Web is proud and excited to announce the launch of one of our wonderful clients’ brand new website TeleRep Call Center! The team at TeleRep specializes in customized phone and answering services. Invested in technology and professionalism, TeleRep is a local family-owned company that has more than 30 years in the call center and answering service business. TeleRep offers much more than just answering services, so check out their brand new website to learn all about them!

Customized Call Center Solutions

TeleRep invests in updated technology, to ensure their employees perform at the highest level possible each call made is recorded for their clients – a valuable information and training tool. TeleRep also provides backup batteries and onsite generators in case of any potential power outages, so you don’t miss a call. Their telephone representatives know how to deal with any type of phone call as well – from emergency services to dispatch calls!


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