New Website Launch: Patterson Process Equipment Corporation

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Adventure Web Interactive is happy to announce its latest website launch for Patterson Process Equipment Corporation!

Adventure Web Interactive is happy to announce its latest website launch for Patterson Process Equipment Corporation! When it comes to industrial process equipment, Patterson is among the world leaders in the industry. With over a century of experience, Patterson offers many different custom-designed solutions for a wide variety of processing applications that are used in any industry.

A Brief History Of Patterson

Dating all the way back to 1878, Patterson has been at the leading-edge of process equipment. Founded by three brothers, Dixon, Monroe, and John Patterson, the company was originally designed to service Ohio’s thriving pottery manufacturing businesses. As the Industrial Revolution came to its peak in the United States, the Patterson brothers’ business began to grow, expanding into a multitude of enterprises including steel products and industrial processing equipment.

Patterson Products

With nearly one and a half centuries worth of experience in industrial process equipment, Patterson has the machines that your business needs. Patterson’s full line of products includes tanks and vessels, grinding mill equipment, mixing and blending equipment, drying equipment, and industrial process heating and cooling systems.

Industries Served By Patterson

Patterson has remained a leader in the process equipment industry and has experience serving nearly every industry. With experience in industries that handle and manufacture the following:

  • Chemicals
  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paint
  • Grease and lubricants
  • Building and construction materials
  • Consumers goods and appliances
  • Cosmetic and personal care products
  • Ceramics, metals, and ores
  • Biotech, medical, and dental equipment
  • Glues, adhesives, resins, and epoxies
  • Nutrients, vitamins, and supplements

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