New Website Launch: Metro Shelving

Metro Shelving

Adventure Web is excited to announce the latest addition to our family: Metro Shelving!

Adventure Web Interactive is incredibly excited to announce the latest addition to our family: Metro Shelving! As one of the largest shelving manufacturers around, few companies are able to replicate their quality of work and commitment to their industry. For over 26 years, Metro Shelving has been distributing high-quality shelving—all with hassle-free, easy to work with customer service—all around the nation. Metro Shelving offers high volume, high-quality, and aims to offer their customers the ideal experience so let’s take a look at some of their services.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is the bread and butter of the shelving industry. For anyone who is interested in large quantities of storage shelves, there’s no better option than wire shelving. It’s affordable and there are enough options out there that you can surely find an option that fits your needs. There are even adjustable shelving units in case your needs change on the fly.

Shelving Accessories

Need more than just shelving? Perhaps you want casters so you can have some mobility or even a cart cover to keep things concealed. These are just a few of the accessory options offered by Metro Shelving to make sure you’re getting the functionality you need. Customizing your shelving is the perfect way to increase productivity!

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