New Website Launch: Lewis-Price & Associates

We’re excited to welcome Lewis-Price & Associates to the Adventure Web Family!

Here at Adventure Web Interactive, we’re happy to announce the addition of Lewis-Price & Associates to our family! Lewis-Price & Associates offers staffing solutions to a variety of companies, ensuring these organizations have the most qualified candidates. Working with Lewis-Price & Associates will ensure that your HR department is not overworked when you are hiring new employees. Here are some of the services they offer.

Administrative Support

If your company is in need of some assistance with carrying out administrative tasks, look no further than Lewis-Price & Associates! Their well-trained contract specialists offer help with things like project organization and day-to-day tasks, making your business operations simpler. All of their administrative support professionals have been trained in Six Sigma marketing and Microsoft Office.


Lewis-Price & Associates can also help your company with its IT needs. From cloud migration to putting basic IT infrastructure into place, they are qualified to help you with a range of IT needs. They are well-versed in standards such as TOGAF and ISO, which means they can handle your IT needs. Lewis-Price & Associates work hard to protect your company’s information, which means you can rest assured that your cybersecurity is in good hands.

Professional Development & Training

Not only does Lewis-Price & Associates offer assistance with your administrative and cybersecurity needs, they also provide professional training too. They create training modules that can be customized to meet companies’ individual needs. These training courses predict how many people will be needed to complete a task, how much training they’ll need, and even the resources they’ll require.



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