New Website Launch: Landers Appliance

Landers Appliance

Adventure Web Interactive is excited to present the latest addition of our family: Landers Appliance!

Adventure Web Interactive is excited to announce the latest addition to our family: Landers Appliance! Founded in 1983, Landers Appliance has since involved themselves in all things appliance related. This means selling, installation, repair, parts, and whatever else you may imagine is important in the sphere of home appliances. They’ve made it their mission to offer high-quality services to the Maryland region and help people find the appliance service they deserve. Let’s take a look at a handful of their many services and be sure to take a look at their new website!

In-Home Service

If you need in-home appliance services, Landers Appliance is a fantastic option for many homeowners. This is because not only do they service all major brands of appliances, but also all major household appliances themselves including dishwashers, disposals, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, grills, ice makers, wine coolers, cook tops, wall ovens, and ranges. If you’re dealing with a problem with a major home appliance, there’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to get someone to come out and work with you—which is why Landers Appliance makes it such a priority.

Brand New Appliances

Beyond service and repair, Landers Appliance also sells most major appliances from many of the major brands out there. This is in addition to sale of parts for all brands of major appliances, ensuring that you can get replacements when you need them and are able to keep your appliances up-and-running.

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