New Website Launch: Haramis Electric

haramis electricAdventure Web Interactive is pleased to announce the launch of Haramis Electric’s new website! Haramis Electric is a trusted electrical contractor based in Southern Anne Arundel County, working with both residential and commercial projects. Haramis Electric’s slogan is “only if you want it done right”, and they have the reputation to prove that they do the job right every time. They pride themselves in providing a friendly, neighborly experience that is vastly different from the experience you expect from big regional electric companies. Read on to learn a little more about Haramis Electric and their new site!

All About Haramis Electric

From sprawling projects to little fixes, Haramis Electric takes pride in the work they perform. If you are a homeowner, you can hire a Haramis Electric electrician for household wiring jobs, switching copper wiring to aluminum, upgrading your electric panel, purchasing a generator, and more. If you are a business owner, you can hire Haramis Electric to do a thorough tenant fit-out, install, maintain, or repair outdoor lighting, or install important equipment that is essential for your company’s daily functions. Haramis Electric’s contractors are experienced in their areas, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a good experience with your friendly, neighborhood electrician!

What’s on the New Website

The new Haramis Electric website is easily divided into navigable sections that provide all the necessary information about the company’s service. You can browse the Residential Services and Commercial Services tabs to see what the company offers in each area. Haramis Electric offers free estimates, which is visibly displayed in the middle of the home page, as well as in a discrete box to the side of every other page on the website. High-quality images and a solid color scheme make the website look appealing and professional.

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