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Adventure Web Interactive is proud to announce a new addition to our family: Garth Enterprises!

Adventure Web Interactive is proud to announce a new addition to our family: Garth Enterprises! Garth Enterprises was founded over 25 years ago and has grown from a small construction company to a nationally recognized construction firm capable of handling jobs from adding a deck to a home, to constructing the framing of a hotel. Their years of experience help them to approach every job with confidence.


Garth Enterprises has worked hard to become the preferred framing contractor for Delaware and surrounding areas, but they have also worked on thousands of community outreach projects throughout the United States and other countries, such as:

  • Africa
  • Russia
  • Argentina
  • Guatemala
  • Brazil

They take pride in every job they complete, working to get every project completed well and on time. They even finish many projects ahead of schedule!


Garth Enterprises offers a wide variety of construction services to residential and commercial customers, including decay remediation. For commercial customers, they offer framing and exterior trim and siding. For residential customers, their services include framing, professionally certified Tyvek installation, exterior trim and siding, renovations and additions, and decks.

If you need any of these services in the Delmarva area, you can trust Garth Enterprises! Contact them today!

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