New Website Launch: Atlantic Business Brokerage Inc.

Adventure Web Interactive is happy to introduce our newest member: Atlantic Business Brokerage Inc.

Adventure Web Interactive is proud to announce the newest addition to our ever-growing family: Atlantic Business Brokerage Inc.  The brokerage firm facilitates in the sale of commercial real estate properties, specializing in major franchised locations and has been doing so for the past 30 years.  With their extensive knowledge of the industry, Atlantic Business Brokerage assists both buyers and sellers so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.  While they provide a variety of services to the business community, the brokerage firm primarily focuses on the purchasing and selling of franchised businesses.  Their exceptional service and attention to detail have propelled them to be one of the most sought-after brokerage firms around.

Purchasing and Selling a Franchise

While Atlantic Business Brokerage Inc. works with local businesses, they specialize in the sale and purchase of franchise businesses across the United States.  The brokerage firm has extensive experience in helping buyers and sellers navigating franchisor requirements. If you are a first-time franchise buyer, Atlantic Business Brokerage will assist you in navigating through the franchise approval process.  The firm will also provide you will crucial information regarding the specific business you want to purchase.

Atlantic Business Brokerage has decades of experience is assisting franchise owners in selling their establishments.  They are familiar with all of the current franchise transfer procedures, and they will make the process as discreet, and as efficient as possible.  The firm currently works with several high-profile franchises such as Five Guy’s and Skyzone. If you are interested in selling or purchasing a franchise location, then contact Atlantic Business Brokerage Inc. at 410-561-9800.

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