What You Need to Know About Instagram Brand Profiles

As social media marketing continues to skyrocket, more and more social networking apps are finding ways to offer savvy business owners the chance to advertise directly to their target customers. Instagram has been somewhat slow to monetize, but after recently rolling out sponsored ads, they’re now taking things a step further with Instagram brand profiles. Find out what you need to know about Instagram brand profiles and learn how they can benefit your business in today’s blog, below.

instagram brand profiles

Brand pages will be optimized for advertisers

The layout of brand profiles will be unique from those of traditional Instagram users. First, a prominent “Contact Me” button will be found directly underneath the brand’s username, allowing potential customers the ability to interact directly with the company. Once the button has been clicked, users will be able to get directions to the business’s physical location or send an email to a designated address. One of the biggest drawbacks for Instagram brands was the fact that the platform made it impossible to include links to products shown in promotional photos, so when a user liked something it was often impossible to find out how to buy it. That will change now that users can contact the company directly to ask about where to find a specific crop top or pair of sneakers.

Brand pages will also be sorted into specific categories so that users immediately understand the intent behind the brand. For example, if the brand is a lifestyle website, they will be able to clarify directly on their profile page that they are a Health and Wellness website.

While brand profiles are currently in beta testing, the company expects to roll out this new feature within the next few months. The new feature will help brands connect with their target audience in a meaningful way and better help users to interact with the brands they love and find the products they want to purchase.

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