Mobile Website Tips for Small Businesses

This is a physical representation of what responsive design looks like

Having a mobile website can enhance your small business tremendously. Most people use mobile sites more so than accessing sites on their desktops. Therefore, your customers and clients will expect to access your content quickly and efficiently. Your mobile website should also have optimization for their devices. Most users won’t even return to a website if it loads improperly. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, then it’s time to make some changes. When people are on the go, they should be able to look up your services and contact you. You don’t want to miss out on revenue because you have a poorly designed mobile website or you don’t have one at all. Keep reading for some mobile website tips that will help your small business. 

Make Sure That You Have the Proper Font and Size

The bigger, the better. You don’t want your clients needing to zoom in on words to read what’s on your mobile website. Not only should the font be relatively large, but your button should be as well. You don’t want your customers to miss a button or click on one that they didn’t mean to push. 

Never Make a Separate Mobile Site

At one point in time, a common practice in website design was to make a separate site where designers removed specific features to optimize the content and make it small enough for a mobile website. However, this will hurt your SEO. Google does not like duplicate content.  If you want your page to rank, then you should avoid this. 

Optimize Your Content for All Mobile Platforms

Everyone is different and has unique preferences. Some people like Androids, while others prefer iPhones. Some people like to browse the web using their tablets. Therefore, make sure not to leave anyone out.

Responsive Design is Optimal

What responsive design means is that when a user comes across your site, it will adjust to their screen orientation or layout. In other words, the content will be viewable on devices of all sizes. Also, as a small business owner trying to increase your traffic, you should make sure that your information is accessible around the clock and shareable. 

Mobile Websites Need High-Resolution Images 

The resolution should be double that of images used for a desktop. The user experience will be excellent when photos aren’t blurry or pixelated. The point is to show off your products in the best light and not dim them. 


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