3 Design Tips to Make Your Website More Attractive

It can be especially difficult for businesses to gain an audience online. If you are struggling to get people interested in browsing your website, then it might be time to consider giving it a design makeover. Here are three design tips that all of the best business websites follow to draw more traffic to their sites.

Color Choice

It is a general rule for all types of branding that you should choose your colors carefully. If your business already has signature colors, then that is a great start. But keep in mind that too many bright colors are a turn-off for most internet users because it is associated with spam and pop-ups. On the other hand, a blank white page with plain text won’t keep users interested for long before they click to something else. Stay with mostly neutral tones and keep brighter colors as an accent so that your website looks professional and inviting.

Less is More

The same rule for color also applies to design. The internet is a very visual medium of communication, but sometimes what you don’t say can be more important than what you do. While adding pictures and logos is a must, plastering too many all over your page will make it look like a cheap add. Instead, embrace the use of negative space between your pictures and text. The beauty of negative space is it gives each element of your page, whether it is text, videos, or links, room to breathe while also making them stand out on their own.


One of the biggest pitfalls of website design that many businesses overlook is forgetting to make their websites easy to navigate. When you are looking at your website from the inside, and you already know everything about the information it presents, then it can be hard to know how it might be for a newcomer to navigate it. The key to making your website intuitive and user-friendly is to prioritize how you present your information. The different pages on your website should be at the top and easy to select, and they should be organized in order of importance. When in doubt, the contact information and search bars should always be the easiest to find. Following these tips will help ensure that more people will be attracted to your website.

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