Market Your Emails Like a Pro

advp market your emails like a proAre you starting an email marketing strategy for your business? Do you also want your branding to be top-notch before sending out your first campaign? Check out these email branding tips to market your emails like a pro!

Add Your Logo and Personalize Your Colors

A straightforward way to market your emails like a pro is positioning your logo at the top of each email you send out so people can see it when they click open. Also, match your email’s colors as the same ones on your website or logo for a recognizable appearance. In addition, use tools such as Photoshop to ensure the Hex value or RGB of your colors are consistent across your brand.

Select Consistent Fonts and Add Visuals

Keep things simple when selecting fonts for your emails. Utilizing various fonts can make your emails appear messy and distract you from your message. Solution: try using the same one or two fonts across your social media channels. Your potential audience should be able to recognize it without being distracting and over the top.

Moreover, market your emails like a pro by also including an eye-catching image in each email that attracts the reader. Select images that help people get to know, like, and trust your company – like photos of your products, staff, or loyal customers.

Include Relevant Links to Connect with People

Encourage others to connect with you and your business beyond the email inbox. Make sure to include links and clickable call-to-actions that lead to destinations such as your online store, website, or registration pages. Don’t forget to add clickable buttons that link to your different social media channels!

Determine Your Voice

Do your emails consistently display the tone of your brand? Determining your voice will help strengthen your business and connect with readers. Try writing in the same manner, you would utilize when talking to your favorite client.

Overall, you want your messages to be good when emailing customers. Because when your emails look well, your business looks good too! How can you achieve this? Constant Contact is an effective email marketing company that we partner with to provide you with new email marketing techniques. Call us today at 410-788-7007 for more information!

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