Tips for Increasing Engagement on Social Media

How can small businesses increase their engagement on social media? Here are some tips.

Social media hasn’t just changed our personal lives; it’s trransformed our professional lives, too. Small businesses that do not actively employ social media fail to capitalize on one of the best tools for generating a more profitable online presence. One of the biggest challenges small businesses face on these platforms is a lack of engagement. Today, we’ll share some tips on how your small business can boost engagement on social media.

Time Your Posts Smartly

Getting engagement on your social media pages is not so easy as clicking ‘post.’ You should think more carefully about when you click that button. Obviously, posting at 3 am won’t typically generate a lot of traction. But how much thought do you give to the differences in engagement you might get posting at 11 am versus 1 pm? Or on a Wednesday versus a Friday?

There is no magic formula for determining the best time to post to social media. It will vary depending on your industry, audience, and platform. Here is an excellent guide to posting times you might want to check out.

Post Engaging and Original Content

Simply put, content that is engaging and original will gain more attention when shared to social media. But what is engaging to one audience isn’t necessarily engaging to another. The best way to find out what engages your audience is to review your most successful posts from the past.

The moral of the story here is not to post content just for the sake of posting content. If what you share is uninspired, don’t expect high levels of engagement.

Boost Your Followers

We know—getting more followers is easier said than done. But you should remember that your amount of followers is strongly correlated with engagement levels. What’s more is that followers will beget more followers. Watch as your content gets shared, and you additional followers and engagement as a result.

Append follow buttons to your blogs and emails. Emulate the content you’ve posted that has performed the most highly. Over time, your social media following will increase, and so will your engagement.

Interact with Your Followers

To get more engagement on your social media pages, you have to engage, too. Even if you don’t have a massive social media following already, you might have a few loyal supporters who regularly engage with your content. Try to respond to every comment or message you receive. Doing so will create an atmosphere of interaction and engagement that should persist as time goes on.

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