4 Ways to Collect Feedback on Social Media

4 Ways to Collect Feedback on Social Media

Social media gives you some unique ways to collect feedback from your customers. These are a few methods you should take advantage of!

The business world looks much different than it did just a few years ago. Partially as a result of COVID-19, businesses have begun to place an increased emphasis on becoming as customer-centric as possible. Social media provides small business owners with the perfect place to showcase a personal touch. More pertinently, it gives you a few ways to collect feedback from your customers—an important part of customer-centrism. Here are a few ways you can do this.

Linking to Surveys

Let’s start with the most old-fashioned way to collect feedback on social media: posting links to your surveys. In past efforts to gather feedback, you’ve likely used email to send out surveys to your subscribers. Posting them on your social media pages as well could net you a higher response rate.

Still, you should be aware of one shortcoming of this method: response bias. Those who receive the link to your survey—whether it’s on social media or email—will tend to view your business favorably. The data you collect will be skewed as a result.

Direct Messages

Linking to your survey across social media platforms can feel awfully impersonal. Small business owners who think this way might want to consider reaching their customers by direct message instead. Virtually all social media platforms have some sort of direct messaging function that you can take advantage of.

Using direct messages to collect feedback may not be as efficient or useful from an analytical perspective. But your customers will appreciate the personal touch.

Review Analytics

Another conventional way to collect feedback on social media is with analytics. Every social media platform you use to promote your business should have some sort of analytics feature, and each might take some time to learn how to use. But once you do, you have access to countless invaluable metrics, such as reach, engagement, and virality.

Polling on Facebook or Instagram Stories

Both Facebook and Instagram let you poll subscribers in your stories. Click here for an explanation of how to do so on Facebook and here for Instagram.

Like the other methods we’ve listed above, polling customers in your social media stories will result in some inherent response bias. But you might be surprised just how much engagement you get. Many people idly swipe through stories on their favorite social media pages, and won’t think twice about responding to a few polls.

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