How Will the New Facebook News Feed Updates Impact Marketers?

Once again, Facebook is updating its news feed. First things first, it’s not a major change in terms of design, so don’t be concerned that next time you open your news feed the layout will look completely different. But the new updates do offer a pretty significant change in terms of functionality of the news feed. Basically, this update is just the latest in a long line of changes that Facebook has made to show users the things they want to see.

So what are these new changes? And why should online marketers be taking note? Learn more in our blog!


What will the Facebook news feed updates mean for marketers? Learn more in our blog!

New Facebook Feed Updates

There are 3 main changes that we’re looking at here.

The ability to select which friends and pages show up in your news feed.

Facebook already makes an effort to show you content from friends and pages that it thinks you want to see. They’ve been tweaking this algorithm for a long time, and even made some tweaks earlier this year.

But with this latest update, you’ll be able to specifically choose which friends and pages you want to show up in your news feed. All you have to do is tap on their profile picture in your news feed preferences. When their post shows up on your feed, it will have a star in the top right corner to show you it’s been prioritized by you.

Choosing which pages and friends to follow and unfollow.

Facebook will now show you a list of the top friends, pages, and groups you see in your news feed. From this list, you can choose what to follow and unfollow. You can also see a list of pages and people you’ve unfollowed, from which you can re-follow them if you change your mind.

Page discovery feature.

This new feature allows users to find new pages that they might like based on pages they already like and/or interact with. The main goal of this feature is to get users to find new content they might be interested in.

Why Online Marketers Should Take Note

It’s no secret that organic reach on Facebook just isn’t what it used to be. But with this update, online marketers have been given a new opportunity not just to expand their reach, but to reach users who have a genuine interest in their content. The page discovery feature is especially important in this regard. With this in mind, marketers should continue to focus on posting great content to their Facebook pages in order to boost likes, shares, and potential appeal to new users who are looking for content that is relevant to their interests.

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