adventure web interactive twitter marketing

How Twitter Posting Effectively Drives Website Traffic

adventure web interactive twitter marketing

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms, but it also has the most posts. How can you stand out?

If you are even just slightly active on social media, you likely know of the “Big Three.” They consist of the three original social media giants that have captivated the public for years: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook is essentially the blueprint for all modern social media and is still used as a great way for family, friends, and folks to keep in touch. Instagram is a marketing mogul that is based on photography and practically invented the “selfie.” Both of these social media platforms are fairly simple to use and have clear goals in terms of marketing. But that leaves Twitter. Twitter’s approach to marketing can be somewhat difficult to navigate with no training: there is a very small character limit, only four photos allowed, and there are hundreds of thousands of Tweets posted every single day. So how can you make your website marketing stand out on Twitter? Adventure Web Interactive is here to help make your small business thrive on Twitter so your website can receive a whole new audience.

Short and Sweet Makes the Best Tweet

Since Twitter has a character limit of 150 letters, it means all posts must be cut rather short. Unlike Facebook, where there is practically unlimited room to write stories and elaborate tales of your business, Twitter is really intended more-so for quick, click-through announcements. However, there is always a workaround to every barrier, and we at Adventure Web Interactive have you covered in that area. If your business chooses to opt-in to our weekly blogging service, we will make sure that all links and a small lead-in are visible from the very first glance. This is what will drive curiosity in Twitter users and gain you valuable web traffic

Using Imagery on Twitter

As Twitter only allows for four photos to be posted per Tweet, you must be able to make the images be both relatable to the blog’s inner content and striking. Although four photos are a nice feature, the most effective way to post on Twitter for marketing is with one single “cover photo.” This will make your blog posting not seem like a random rambling someone posts on a whim. Also, Twitter works best with vertical photo dimensions, so nothing will be cut off on both mobile and desktop formats. 

Twitter Loves Exciting Leads

Adventure Web Interactive makes sure to use enticing leads to peak curiosity amongst Twitter viewers. The goal is to not only have the viewer notice the post but also to wonder about the content inside. The best way to achieve a great marketing post is by generating a lead that is succinct but open-ended. 

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