What is Tik Tok And How To Market Your Business On The Social Media Platform

Have you heard a lot about TikTok recently? It’s one of the fastest-growing, most popular social media apps right now. That is a substantial potential market base with over 689 million active users per month! However, many users also mean many creators, so businesses may be challenging to keep up and stand out. So, how can your business use TikTok effectively to promote your brand?

Adventure-Web-Interactive-Tik-TokWhat Exactly is TikTok? 


TikTok is a video-sharing app where users and creators can make short videos and add effects like filters and popular audio tracks over them. Users browse videos via a “For You” page, where you can interact with a video by clicking the heart icon, leaving a comment, sharing it, or you swiping up to watch a different video. Depending on which clips you spend more time watching or interacting with, your “For You” page will automatically be updated with similar videos, tailoring your experience to videos you’re interested in.  

Consider Your Audience on TikTok


Getting the most out of TikTok depends on who you’re trying to target. Most of the users on TikTok are between 16 and 34, meaning Gen Z and Millennials would be interacting with any content you post. If your target market is older, you likely won’t have great results from posting TikTok videos. 

Browse Before Creating Videos 


If you’d like to look into creating and sharing your videos on TikTok, that’s great! However, it would help if you spent some time researching different popular trends. These videos are meant to be bite-sized and attention-grabbing, so think 1 minute or less. Any video you create should be made with that in mind. If you’d like to participate in trends, remember that trends fade quickly, so you should be prepared to create a video soon. 

Put in the Effort


While these videos are short, they can take a while to get right! Especially if you haven’t edited videos before, it can be tricky to put the right pieces together at the right time. Don’t be surprised, or discouraged, if they take a while to perfect. You should also try and experiment with different kinds of videos too. As long as you stay true to your brand, providing a mix of trending and general informational content shown uniquely should grab users’ attention. 

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