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Tips for Using Video on Social Media

video adventure web interactiveSocial media can feel overwhelming if you are new to it, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring mediums like video and podcasts that can increase your engagement. Here are some tips for creating videos for social media.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Especially with popular platforms like TikTok, it is important to keep your videos from going too long. If viewers do not watch the entire thing, the view will not count. It is okay to create videos with multiple parts, but consider breaking those big topics into separate videos. For example, a topic like editing can seem small enough to do one or two videos on. However, there are a lot of minute details involved with editing that warrant their own videos. Cover the general topic, but refer to the specific videos as you post them. Going with our editing example, you could make smaller videos talking about editing backgrounds and using specific applications like Adobe Premiere. 

Always Connect Your Videos to Your Webpage

The essential part of any social media post is linking it to your business’s homepage. The whole point of social media is to attract people to your business and gain traction by increasing the web traffic you have. Creating videos is a great way to get your name out there and encourage people to interact with your site. If you work in an interactive field and have an active viewer base, consider creating a website scavenger hunt or a how-to video about ordering products or setting up a service.

Hire an Editor if Possible

Many businesses create videos that have great moments but come across as dull because there is no nuance to them. If you are looking to gain traction with your videos, consider hiring a video editor. They will give you excellent feedback on how to keep viewers engaged for the whole video and how to make you and your business look good. An editor’s job is to catch any phrases or words that may come across unfavorably as well. Most video editors do work as videographers, people who make videos for clients. If you are having trouble creating your videos or want a professional to handle them, hire a videographer. Like blogging, it may seem doable on the surface, but sometimes there is more to it than meets the eye.

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