The Top Social Media Trends of This Year

Some of The Top Social Media Channels and TrendsSocial media trends and somewhat like friends, they come and go. However, the best friends and trends usually end up sticking around and evolving into permanent and essential parts of our lives with qualities such as dependability, integrity, quality, trust, and even ROI. The bad friends and trends need to get weeded out before too much time and resources get depleted. Here are some of the top social media trends and channels to invest in going forward.

Multi-Networking is Out

Even though your average social media platform has around 8.5 accounts, over the past year, there’s been a slowing in the number of accounts held per internet user. Social media users are starting to have a less is more pattern when it comes to social media accounts, with a focus on a few accounts instead of many accounts.

Video Performing Well

More than 28% of users from four of the major social platforms engage with live streams consistently. Video is a hot platform right now, and also the cheapest to distribute through social media. This is a reminder to all brands: video doesn’t have to be expensively produced to be effective.

Privacy Succeeds

Thanks to eye-opening events over the last few years of blatant and sobering privacy snafus, privacy is now essential to both brands and consumers. Total connectivity is out.

Digital Detox

As the world becomes more and more media-saturated and savvy, mental health and real-life personal relations are starting to suffer.


Social media has also emerged into a web of communities crossing paths, organizations, interests, causes, and topics. These all intersect across Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.


Really short videos are back in the mainstream realm of social media. This is how the latest platform, TikTok describes itself in its Twitter bio. TikTok was one of the top downloaded apps of the past two years and is giving Instagram and Facebook a solid run for their money. Plenty of influencers are using the latest social channel to hit the early adapter scene for using TikTok for business. It is a fun and easy platform for companies and people alike to reach a broad audience.

Facebook Spaces

Facebook Spaces is Facebook’s new virtual reality application that lets users on the platform interact with each other in a virtual space. You can make calls on Messenger, create content using images or videos, and go live to your community. This function will allow companies to take digital marketing to an entirely new level.

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