How to Make Facebook Ads Perform Better

Facebook Ads
Get the most out of your Facebook ads by using these tips to your advantage.

On average, Facebook users watch about eight million videos per day. It’s no wonder that video advertising content has seen a surge in popularity on the site! Making sure your Facebook ads reach as many audience members as possible is key to successfully marketing your social media presence. Branding your business, reaching customers, and building brand loyalty can be simple when you follow some helpful tips for making the most of Facebook ads. After all, ads that make an impact are crucial to successful marketing strategies. Here’s how to make your Facebook ads perform better.

Include Teasers

In addition to your headline, it’s a good idea to include a teaser summary that will draw in Facebook users. With a good hook, you can provide context for your ad while convincing users to stop scrolling and pay attention to your ad. This is also a great place to include a brief call to action that will encourage viewers to engage with the post and visit your website!

Establish the Value of Your Product

It’s important that your Facebook ads effectively establish the value of your product. Once you’ve drawn viewers in, your ad should be more than just entertaining. It should demonstrate what your product can do for the viewer. Be sure to demonstrate what problems your product can solve by showcasing the end result in your ad.

Engage in the First 3 Seconds

Research shows that the first 3 seconds of any Facebook ad are the most critical for keeping your audience’s attention. By immediately grabbing the viewer’s attention, you can make sure they stick around to see the product demonstration. A bold image in the first frames of your Facebook video ad can keep up to 65% of users watching for 10 seconds. That kind of exposure adds up!

Design to Advertise Without Sound

Ads that play unexpected music or loud noises tend to get a negative reaction from Facebook users, so many will scroll through their feed with the sound turned off. However, many advertisers make the mistake of not optimizing their videos for muted viewing. By designing to advertise without sound, you can ensure that viewers will be able to enjoy your content and learn about your product even without their volume turned up.

Optimize for Smartphones

With Facebook videos, you can use a square, portrait, or landscape formatting. While square and portrait orientations are easy to view on a smartphone, landscape is difficult to see and can ruin your video content experience. The majority of Facebook users tend to use a mobile device, so it’s important to optimize your content for smartphone viewing.

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