How to Get Traffic to your Website

Increase-Website-TrafficA business website can be beneficial to your business, but only if it is performing well. Business owners can find it frustrating and disheartening when they notice a lack of traffic to their website. Because of this drop over the past year in website traffic, you may be asking how to get traffic to your website. A business owner can increase website traffic by taking part in a number of different steps.

Tips to Increase Website Traffic

  • Begin a live forum– You can increase website traffic by creating a live forum that promotes interaction. The activity can also help in increase the amount of time spent on your site as well as decrease the bounce rate of your site.
  • Long tail keywords– Instead of focusing on one word keywords, you can get traffic to your website by switching your focus to longer keyword phrases.
  • Email lists and blogs– If your website includes a blog, help promote your blog through your email list.
  • Guest posts– You can increase website traffic through your blog by spotlighting guest writers on occasion. Guest writers can help hook readers and potential customers while also encouraging them to return for their next post.
  • Links– As you write your blog posts, you can increase website traffic by including links to previous posts or content pages throughout your posts.
  • Post frequency– As you ask the question of how to get traffic to your website, consider increasing the frequency of your blog posts. Simply increasing your posts to twice a week can help drive more traffic to your website.
  • YouTube– YouTube video posts are great ways to help send more traffic to your business site. Be sure to post videos that have been optimized and include a description of the video than includes your keywords to help ranking on Google.
  • Industry groups– Joining and being active within social media industry groups can help get traffic to your website. Facebook and LinkedIn are great platforms to spread the word about your business and send new customers to your site.
  • Image Optimization– Images used throughout your site and with your blogs should be optimized to help increase website traffic. Images should include captions and tags when included and should be saved on your computer as the keyword for your blog.

Increase Website Traffic with Adventure Web

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