How important is SEO?

Advertising Age has provided further arguments on the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pointing out that it’s the most important way of building a company’s customer base.  There are many different components to an optimized site, and we wanted to pass on a few of them to give you an idea of what people mean when they talk about SEO.

Keyword Research & Development
SEO is all about getting your company’s Web site among the first few your potential customers will see when they search for the products and services you offer.  It’s more than just listing what you offer and encompasses all the different ways your customers find their way to you.

Optimized Content
Once you’ve developed your list of keywords, they need to show up a lot in the content of your company’s Web site and social media sites.  It’s no longer sufficient to hide a long list of keywords at the bottom of the site.  The words have to be among the content your site visitors will read.  Included in this are tags used to label multimedia content on your site.

Metrics & Reporting
Probably the hardest part of SEO is its ongoing nature.  Without diligent attention to optimization trends and the traffic on your sites, your sites will not stay optimized for long.  Statistics about visitors to your site will show you what keywords are working, which aren’t, and some new keywords your customers are using that you haven’t considered.

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